Ringtone: What is it and how has it evolved

Klingelton: Dein Smartphone, dein Sound

A ringtone is an audible signal that indicates an incoming call, message, or alarm on a mobile phone or other communication device. Originally, mobile phones were limited to the standard ringtones provided by the manufacturers. However, with the advent of polyphonic and monophonic ringtones in the late 1990s and later musical ringtones sers gained the ability to customize the individual sound style of their phone.

Today, there is a wide variety of ringtones available, ranging from simple tones to complex musical pieces. Users can download ringtones from a variety of sources, including online stores, mobile operator websites, and even from other users.

Choosing the right ringtone is a matter of personal taste. Some users prefer simple and unobtrusive ringtones, while others prefer loud and attention-grabbing ringtones. There are also ringtones that are specially designed for specific purposes, such as ringtones for business calls or ringtones for messages from specific people.

In addition to their acoustic function ringtones can also be used as a form of expression. By choosing a particular ringtone, a user can express their personal style or interests.

In this article we will look at the different types of ringtones that are available and how to find and download them. We will also give some tips on how to choose the right ringtone for your phone.

The Evolution of Phone Ringtones

From the mechanical bells of the first telephones to the customizable ringtones of modern smartphones, the evolution of phone ringtones has gone through a long and interesting history.

Early Telephones

The first telephones had simple mechanical bells, such as bells or hammers, that rang when a call came in at the telephone exchange. These bells only served to signal to the caller that a conversation was possible.

Classic ringtone

Landline Telephones

With the introduction of landline telephones, electric bells that were powered by alternating current came into use. These bells made it possible to use different ringtones for different callers, which was especially useful for multi-line connections.

Digital ringtone

Mobile Phones of the 1990s

The introduction of polyphonic ringtones in the 1990s brought about a groundbreaking change. This technology made it possible to use melodies as ringtones, which led to an explosive popularity of film music and other well-known melodies as ringtones.

Nokia ringtone

Today's Smartphones

Today, smartphones offer the ability to customize and download ringtones. Music streaming services even allow you to use your own favorite songs as ringtones. In addition, many smartphones offer alternative notification options such as vibration alerts or visual signals.

"Magic Night" by FreeMobi

Additional Trends

The development of phone ringtones seems far from over. Future trends such as intelligent ringtones that adapt to the environment or the integration of voice messages into the ringtone could revolutionize the way we perceive phone ringtones again.

Types of Ringtones:

Monophonic Ringtones: This simple form of ringtones consists of a single melody line that is played one note at a time. They produce clear and defined tones but are not suitable for complex pieces of music.

Nokia ringtone

Polyphonic Ringtones: This more advanced form of ringtones consists of multiple tones played simultaneously, allowing for a more complex sound structure. Polyphonic ringtones sound more musical and versatile than monophonic ringtones.

Samsung ringtone

True Tones: These ringtones use actual pieces of music or excerpts from them. They can feature songs by popular artists or well-known melodies and offer higher sound quality and authenticity than monophonic or polyphonic ringtones.

Piano sonata 17 by Beethoven

Formats and Selection of Ringtones

Ringtones can come in various formats, depending on the audio formats supported by the device. Common formats include MP3, AAC, MIDI, WAV, and M4R.

Comparison of Ringtone Formats

Format Advantages Disadvantages
MP3 Good sound quality, small file size Compression can lead to loss of sound quality
AAC Higher compression efficiency than MP3, good sound quality Not as widespread as MP3
MIDI Small file size, good compatibility Only suitable for monophonic ringtones
WAV Highest sound quality Large file size
M4R Special format for iPhone ringtones Only compatible with iPhones

Choosing the right format depends on individual preferences and requirements:

MP3 and AAC are good options for users who want high sound quality with a small file size.
MIDI is a good option for users who have a simple phone with limited storage space.
WAV is the best option for users who expect the highest sound quality.
M4R is the only option for iPhone users.

Additional factors:

Compatibility: Make sure the chosen format is supported by your device.
File size: Consider the available storage space on your device.
Sound quality: Listen to different ringtones to find the best sound quality for your needs.

Ringtone Diversity: More Than Just an Audible Signal

Ringtones are ubiquitous. They not only serve the function of notifying us of an incoming call, but also offer a variety of ways to personalize and optimize our phone use.

1. Individualizing Notifications:

In addition to ringtones, we can set separate notification tones for messages, emails, or social media notifications. This allows us to immediately recognize the type of message that has been received without having to look at the phone screen. A cheerful song for WhatsApp messages, a subtle tone for emails, and an urgent alarm for important calls - the possibilities are endless.

2. Wake-up Tones:

Ringtones can replace the dreary standard alarm clock and let us start the day gently or energetically with a favorite song or a motivating saying. Whether you prefer to be woken up by the sounds of nature, a rocking guitar riff, or an inspiring quote is entirely up to you.

3. Personal Touch:

Each contact can be assigned an individual ringtone. This way we know immediately who is calling without having to look at the display. This can be especially useful for quickly recognizing important calls from family, friends, or colleagues.

4. Expression of Individuality:

The choice of ringtones is also a way to express your own personality and preferences. Whether you prefer classical music, rock tones, or funny sounds, the range of ringtones is huge and offers something for everyone.

Ringtone Installation: Your Smartphone, Your Sound

Give your phone a personal touch with your favorite ringtone! Whether it's a rock song, a funny saying, or a gentle tone, the possibilities are endless. In this section, we will show you step by step how to easily install a ringtone on your Android device or iPhone.

Note: The exact names and steps may vary slightly depending on the Android version, iPhone model, and iTunes version.


  1. Download the file: Select your desired ringtone in MP3 format and download it to your phone.
  2. Open Settings: Tap the "Settings" app on your Android device.
  3. Find sound options: Look for the menu item "Sound" or "Tone".
  4. Select ringtone: Tap the "Ringtone" option.
  5. Select file: Choose "More" if your desired sound is not displayed directly.
  6. Find sound/music: Navigate to your downloaded ringtone and select it.
  7. Confirm: Tap "OK" or "Apply" to activate the ringtone.


  1. Download the file: Download your desired ringtone in M4R format to your computer or iPhone.
  2. Connect the device: Connect your iPhone to your computer using a Lightning cable.
  3. Open iTunes: Launch iTunes on your computer if it does not start automatically.
  4. Select iPhone settings: Click the icon for your iPhone in iTunes.
  5. Select "Sounds": Select "Sounds" from the left menu.
  6. Add file: Drag the downloaded ringtone into the iTunes window or right-click it and select "Add to Library".
  7. Sync: Sync your iPhone by clicking "Sync".
  8. iPhone Settings: Tap "Settings" on your iPhone and select "Sounds & Haptics".
  9. Select ringtone: Tap "Ringtones" and search for your new sound in the list.
  10. Activate: Select the ringtone and save the changes.

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