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What is a ringtone?

A ringtone is a sound made by a cell phone to indicate an incoming call. Different phone models can play sounds as a ringtone from simple monophonic to polyphonic melodies or any sound recording in the form of an mp3 file (or m4r file for Apple iPhone).
Mobile phones or smartphones are manufactured with a preloaded selection of ringtones. You can download custom ringtones to set on your cell phone as an incoming call or notification sound.

Monophonic ringtones were the first sound signals to be played on mobile phones. They consisted of a single tone and could only be simple melodies without the ability to reproduce multiple notes simultaneously. They were very common in the early era of mobile phones when the functional capabilities of the devices were limited.

Polyphonic ringtones represent the next stage in the development of sound signals on mobile phones. They are played using sound synthesis and can reproduce multiple notes simultaneously, creating more complex and multi-voice melodies. Polyphonic melodies provided users with more expressive and musical sound signals, becoming popular in the 2000s.

Truetone, also referred to as a realtone, mastertone, or superphonic ringtone, is an audio recording typically encoded in a popular format like MP3 or AAC. Truetones gained popularity as ringtones and often feature excerpts from songs. This format enabled users to customize their smartphones with their favorite tunes, adding a personal touch to the incoming call experience. The first truetone service was launched by au in December 2002. The song "My Gift to You" by Chemistry was the pioneering truetone distributed, coinciding with Chemistry's concert tour in Japan.

Sing tone is a unique type of ringtone created in a karaoke style, where a user's recorded voice is combined with a backing track.

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